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11-9: Why the Disability Community is Grieving

After Community Outrage Seattle Children’s Hospital Pulls Bus Ad

April is Over!

Assigned Friends Outcome

Autism, Accommodation and Differential Expectations

Autism, Airports and Lifelong Learning

Autism Awareness and Autism Acceptance

Autism, Behavior and the Impact of Kindness

Autism and Changing Classroom Strategies

Autism and a Changing Sensory System

Autism and Consequences

Autism, Death and Mental Health Therapy

Autism, Differences and Murder

Autism, Direct Instruction and Having Friends

Autism and Eating Out

Autism and Eye Contact

Autism and Friendship

Autism, Growing Up and Defining Friends

Autism, Hidden Curriculum and Making Friends

Autism and Hiring Help

Autism and Holiday Schedules

Autism and the Importance of Stabilization

Autism and Meaningful Employment

Autism and Measuring Normal

Autism and Movement Fluidity in Thinking

Autism and Non-Fluid Speech

Autism, Perseveration and Holding onto Thoughts

Autism and Processing Social Information

Autism and Psychiatric Diagnoses

Autism and Public Perception

Autism, Sensory Regulation and Movement Fluidity

Autism and the Sensory System: Part 1 of 8

Autism and the Sensory System: Part 2 of 8

Autism and the Sensory System: Part 3 of 8

Autism and the Sensory System: Part 4 of 8

Autism and the Sensory System: Part 5 of 8

Autism and the Sensory System: Part 6 of 8

Autism and the Sensory System: Part 7 of 8

Autism and the Sensory System: Part 8 of 8

Autism, Social Greetings and Rhetorical Questions

Autism and Sorting Out Sensory Snags

Autism and Stubbornness

Autism and Stuck Emotions

Autism and Thinking With Colors

Autism and Thinking in Layers

Autism, Transition Programs and the Impact of Poverty on Self-Advocacy

Autism and Visual Detail

Autism, Visual Schedules and Prompting

Autism, Visual Thinking and the Parking System

Autistic Adults Do Not Look Like Autistic Children

Autistic Burnout

Autistic Burnout and Aging

Autistic Difference in Visual Perception

The Autistic Experience of Wanting a Friend

Autistic Meltdown or Temper Tantrum?

Autistic Neurology of Visual Thinking is NOT Intentional Behavior

Autistic Neurology or Psychiatric Symptomatology?

Autistic Patterns of Thoughts and Emotions

Autistic People: Persons or Projects?

Autistic Pride

Autistic Processing of Social Information

Autistic Sensory Overwhelm 

The Autistic Sensory System and Patterns of Thoughts and Emotions

Part One: Using Words to Make Pictures (January 13, 2023)
Part Two: Using Words to Describe Pictures (February 10, 2023)
Part Three: When Feelings Are Too Big (March 10, 2023)
Part Four: Examples Using Paint Chip Visual Supports (April 7, 2023)
Part Five: Direct Instruction of Social Information (April 28, 2023)

Autistic Style of Thinking and Sensory System Impacts 

Autistic Thinking in Layers ~ Part 1 of 3: Creating Pictures in Layers With Two Take and Make Visual Examples 

Autistic Thinking in Layers ~ Part 2 of 3: Changing or Replacing a Layered Picture With One Take and Make Visual Example 

Autistic Thinking in Layers ~ Part 3 of 3: Creating, Changing and Replacing Pictures Conclusion 

Autistic Visual Thinking Impacts Comprehension

An Autistic Weighs in on Friendship

Autistically Thriving!

Autistically Thriving: Reading Comprehension, Conversational Engagement, and Living a Self-Determined Life Based on Autistic Neurology

Autistics Can BE Friends

The BIG Deal About Small Talk

Chalk Word Lines of Separation

The Changing Implementation of Accommodations

Christmas, Autism and Teaching Kindness

Communication Supports for Speaking Autistics?

Concrete Style of Thinking

Creating Visuals Instantly for Unpredictable Activities

Crossing Sign Conundrums

Disability Policy: Clinton Versus Trump

Dissociative Identity Disorder or Autistic Style of Thinking?

Don’t Define Me By My Deficits

Don’t Mix Up Empathy and Civil Rights

Excerpt from The Hidden Curriculum of Getting and Keeping a Job: Navigating the Social Landscape of Employment

Excerpt From Paper Words: Discovering and Living with My Autism

Executive Function Assessment

Eye Contact and Autistic Dissociation: One Expample

Fear, Anxiety and Autistic “Behavior”

Fractured Vision: One Autistic Phenomenon

From “Severe and Low Functioning” to “Kind of a Big Deal”

Goodnight Autism Puzzle Pieces

Helping the Poor and Disabled

The Hidden Curriculum About Fat

The Hidden Rules of Christmas

High-Functioning or Low-Functioning?

How to Figure Out If an Autistic Needs Fixing

How To Outsmart “Inflexible Thinking”


I Paint to Share My Autistic Experience

Impacts of Autistic Thinking Style

Inclusion – How it Works Best for This Autistic

Introduction to Newest Book: Autistically Thriving

Is Autism a Disability or a Difference?



J.Cole Writes Apology Letter To Autism Speaks

Learning to Hide the Real of Me

Literal Style of Thinking

Losing an Autism Diagnosis

Mental Health Therapy and the Autistic Client: The Autistic Operating System

Mental Health Therapy and the Autistic Client: Establishing Context

Mental Health Therapy and the Autistic Client: When Clinician’s Don’t See the Autism (It’s All the Autism)

Mental Health Therapy and the Autistic Client: When Clinicians Don’t See the Autism (Can’t See the Forest for the Trees)

More Than An Autism Diagnosis

Murdering Autistics is WRONG

My Visual Waves of Autistic Thinking

No Link Between Autism and Planned Violence

Non-Fluid Speech and Autism  

An Odyssey: Learning the Hidden Curriculum

Out of the Goodness of Your Heart

Outsmarting the Hard of Autism to Attend Live Theater

Over 50, Autistic and Still Learning!

Person First Attitude Trumps Language

The Predictability, Pattern and Routine of Stimming

Preventing Meltdowns: Outsmarting the Explosive Behavior of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Problem of Attributing Negative Intentionality to Autistic Behavio

Providing Sameness and Routine While Living In Unfamiliar Surroundings

The Pseudo Logic of “Not Autistic Enough”

Reading Comprehension, Perspective Taking, and an Autistic Solution

Realities of Being an Autistic Therapist

The Scarlet A: Why I Don’t Want My ID to Broadcast My Autism

Scientific Validation of Autistic Humanity

In Sidewalk Cracks: Autism and Authentic Relationships

A Snapshot of Autistic Neurology ~ Part 1: Personal Backround Information

A Snapshot of Autistic Neurology ~ Part Two: Information Storage – Bridge Pieces

A Snapshot of Autistic Neurology ~ Part 3: Information Processing – The Gaps

A Snapshot of Autistic Neurology ~ Part 4: Information Retrieval  –  Canoe Transportation

A Snapshot of Autistic Neurology ~ Part 5: Conclusion

Social Participation and the Autistic Sensory System 

Skunk Hair, Autism and Social Understanding

Social Rules that Change With Age

Speeding, Autism and No Ticket Issued!

Starting Third Grade

“Sucking It Up” To Pass as Non-Autistic

Sun Waves: A Sensory Aspect of My Autism

Supporting Autistic Relationships

Teaching Autistic People

Teaching One Autistic Student to Ask For Help

Toxic Autism Awareness: Fact from Fiction?

Treat Others As THEY Want to Be Treated

Uniquely Human Neurotribe

Using Autistic Strengths to Make Friendships Work

A Visual Schedule for Use in Natural Disaster

Visual Accommodations and Blessings of My Autism

Visual Style of Thinking

We Are Not In Our Own World