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Autistic Neurology and Behavior

Autistic people use behavior just like people who are not autistic. Basically, when a problem is encountered, people behave in a way so as to fix the problem. We all do this, whether we are autistic or lack autism! However, we live in a majority-is-the-norm society. This means that the behavior most individuals employ to solve day-to-day problems is considered the norm. We call their behaviors solutions.

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Christmas, Autism and Teaching Kindness

During the holiday season people are sometimes rushed and frazzled due to the extra activities and expectations of the season. Thus, it is a particularly good time to talk about kindness. Many individuals with autism are literal and concrete thinkers, which can make teaching an abstract concept such as kindness a little tricky. Here are some ways to work with an autistic neurology when teaching the concept of kindness:

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11-9: Why the Disability Community is Grieving

11-9 feels so much to our disability community like 9-11 to our society. Our grief is deep. We are not being overly dramatic. Yes, 9-11 saw significant loss of life. Living, breathing people – lots of them – died that day. The reason those of us in the disability community feel this sort of grief today is because our human worth is on the chopping block. We know today that many of our friends, neighbors, fellow citizens out there in the community at large have voted against our humanity. For some of us our own family members, whether knowingly or unknowingly, voted against our human worth when they voted for Donald Trump.

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