A Visual System of Support and Intervention for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders


Outsmarting Explosive Behavior is currently being updated. It is a complete visual system of support and intervention for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The system includes the Facilitator Manual, the Student Workbook (to be used by the individual or by the support team on behalf of the individual) and the the Visual System with all necessary components (as seen on this page).

Praise for Outsmarting Explosive Behavior

“This book will be a wonderful asset to the autism community and anyone else dealing with meltdown behavior issues. Judy is a genius at positive problem solving. The concept of working together to ‘outsmart’ the explosive behavior is wonderfully positive and eliminates the need or temptation to assign blame. The description of the train model is highly detailed and concise, yet simple to understand. Lots of concrete examples illustrate how explosive behaviors can be analyzed and outsmarted by using the rain model, including details about the recovery and reengagement process after the explosive behavior. Judy has made a major positive difference in my life and the life of my son. I am so glad her books will give her wonderful advice a wider audience.”
-Nancy Alar, president of the Autism Society of Wisconsin


“Judy has done an outstanding job of visualizing the explosion process through her conceptualization of a runaway train. Parents, teachers, and child care workers will find this model helpful in designing effective interventions for individuals with explosive behavior.”
-Dr. Mary Macht, president of Macht Village Program, a community-based program for children with severe emotional disturbance

“Judy Endow has developed an excellent positive behavior intervention for children whose behavior troubles families and professionals who support them. Her model builds on strengths shared by many children with autism spectrum disorders and offers an opportunity for children and adults alike to learn to understand the true meaning of explosive behaviors and work as a team to outsmart them. Judy’s personal experiences and the candor with which she shares them lend an extraordinary measure of credibility and compassion to all of her work, including this outstanding resource for parents and schools alike.”
-Marge Resan, school administration consultant, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction


“The premise behind Judy Endow’s latest book is simple but brilliant: If children on the autism spectrum determine what causes their explosive behavior, they’ll discover how to control it. Outsmarting Explosive Behavior provides a win-win visual activity for the reader and his support person, and the book is a must have for all who work with autistic children.”
-Elaine Marie Larson, author of I Am Utterly Unique, The Kaleidoscope Kid, and The Chameleon Kid; grandmother of 9-year-old with Asperger Syndrome

“Years ago, when my son was 2, with as yet undiagnosed Asperger Syndrome, I would watch him move his Brio(trademark) train cars on the track, slowly waiting for the moment the magnets attracted each other, moving the cars together with a click. He would do this over and over for hours. The train model Judy Endow uses in
Outsmarting Explosive Behavior reminds my son and me of those Brio trains. The positive interventions help him prevent the train cars’ magnets from clicking together, whereas the negative interventions attract the next car or stage, leading to a meltdown. He gets it! The logical framework of Outsmarting Explosive Behavior allows my son to be involved, not blamed, in identifying his characteristics to help himself. I have tried man other behavior interventions before. This is the only one that fully engages my son, helping him identify his own triggers as well as allowing him to take ownership for himself. Brilliant”
-Leslie Blasco, mom of an 8-year-old with Asperger Syndrome