Navigating the Social Landscape of Employment


A job is important to the self-identity of many people.

Adults on the spectrum often have difficulty getting and keeping a job. This practical and easy-to-use book provides necessary yet often untaught information on a variety of topics related to getting a job, finding a mentor, networking, interviewing, talking with supervisors, dealing with on-the-job-frustrations, understanding the social rules at work and many other topics.

The Hidden Curriculum of Getting and Keeping a Job: Navigating the Social Landscape of Employment A Guide for Individuals With Autism Spectrum and Other Social-Cognitive Challenges was authored by two individuals on the spectrum who have extensive experience in helping others become employed, Judy Endow and Malcolm Mayfield, as well as Brenda Smith Myles, an internationally known writer and speaker on autism spectrum disorder.

Praise for The Hidden Curriculum

“Every workplace has its unique culture and unspoken rules. Recognizing and adhering to these nuances can greatly enhance job success. The Hidden Curriculum of Getting and Keeping a Job provides a first step in improving awareness of how to recognize what is most likely deemed acceptable and not acceptable at work. The text covers the span of employment activities from conducting a job search to becoming hired. Packed with great examples and descriptions of practical strategies, it offers need-to-know information for those involved in the transition of students to work that will not only raise students’ confidence and comfort on the job but also improve their ability to fit in better and succeed at work.”
-Paul Wehman, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University

“Combining Brenda Smith Myles’ brilliant and heartfelt hidden curriculum ideas into a book on employment issues is yet another victory for the autism/Asperger world. Dr. Myles, along with Judy Endow and Malcolm Mayfield, has written an immensely thoughtful and supportive read for any jobless individual on the spectrum.”
-Michael John Carley, executive director, GRASP, ASTEP; author of Asperger’s From the Inside-Out

“This is the first book I have seen that addresses the unwritten rules of the workplace. It will help educators and employers understand the social-cognitive challenges that people with autism spectrum conditions face in their everyday lives. As a parent of a young man with autism who struggles to understand social experiences, I especially appreciate having a framework for how to support him in overcoming his social-cognitive challenges, especially in the workplace. This book should be part of the school/college curriculum for young adults with coaches, job mentors, and employers.”
-Geraldine Graydon, MSc, University College Dublin; advocate, mentor, and co-founder of Autism Rights & Equality Alliance, Ireland

“This is a great book for people with autism spectrum disorders who are either looking for a job or trying to survive in one. The focus on the hidden curriculum is spot-on- it’s the unwritten rules and unsuspected behaviors that so often trip people up in the workplace. This book will guide you through the minefield.”
-David Perkins, head of services, National Autistic Society (NAS) Prospects, UK

“Social challenges on the job are common and, more often than not, the reason why many on the autism spectrum fail to maintain employment. With its attention to the hidden curriculum associated with these challenges, Myles, Endow, and Mayfield have provided us with a welcome and much-needed addition to the transitioning, employment, and person-centered supports literature. This should be considered necessary reading for anyone interested in individuals with ASD beyond the age of 12 years.”
-Peter Gerhardt, EdD, director, Upper School, The McCarton School, New York

“This is an extremely important and valuable book. An encyclopedia of social rules and expectations for the workplace, illustrated by relevant and revealing examples that give form to the helpful ‘what to do and what not to do’ narrative permeating the book. I recommend this unreservedly, both for people who have social challenges and their advocates.”
-Alastair Barnett, consultant clinical psychologist, Warwickshire, UK

“A much-needed, practical and very helpful book targeting an area that is often neglected. Understanding the hidden curriculum within the work and community environment is crucial for our young people, but this books is also useful for employers, coworkers, recruitment, consultants, and anybody who is in a position to help somebody with an ASD find suitable employment. Employers will gain a better understanding of the struggles and challenges this population needs to overcome in order to be accepted into society, and in doing so they will learn how they can meet them half-way. Learning the language of ASD can make a big difference for all parties; this book acts as a perfect translation guide.”
-Kevin Baskerville, Bed. (Hons), ACE-Leicestershire, UK Autism outreach service manager & KB Autism Services.