PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS for Stabilizing Students with Classic Autism to be Ready to Learn

Getting to Go!

Practical Solutions

For students with a classic presentation of autism who struggle with regulation.

A functional behavior assessment is usually the starting place for students with high-functioning autism who have behaviors that do not serve them well. However, an FBA conducted at this point with students with classic autism may yield variable results.

Practical Solutions for Stabilizing Students With Classic Autism to Be Ready to Learn Getting to Go! is unique because it places importance on first offering stabilization strategies that help students with classic autism have a better regulated body. This often enables students to increase their time in school, with most of them working up to full-day participation.

This simple-to-use book, Practical Solutions for Stabilizing Students with Classic Autism to Be Ready to Learn focuses on two major areas of stabilization found critical for students on the autism spectrum: sensory regulation and visual supports. With proper use of these strategies, the student with classic autism can get to GO! – that is they are regulated and supported. Foreword by Brenda Smith Myles, PhD.

Praise for Practical Solutions

“Judy Endow has done it again. Her unique insight into classic autism, coupled with her clear ability to communicate and educate, captures her readers. We learn the critical and often missing steps in getting children prepared to learn. The stabilization strategies outlined in Getting to Go! can be used by families, teachers, and therapists alike. This is a must-have for anyone supporting children with autism who struggle to even get to the starting line.”
-Jackie Moen, mother of six children, two on the autism spectrum, and executive director, Common Threads family Resource Center.

“Judy Endow gives us powerful new tools for supporting children in self-regulatory and stabilizing activities, as well as helpful review and interpretation of existing strategies. By bring these important resources together, she demonstrates the variability of experience and needs across the spectrum, presenting useful scenarios and personal insight as a person with autism. Thank you, Judy, for helping us support our students!”
-Valerie Paradiz, P.h.D., author of The Integrated Self Advocacy ISA Curriculum

“Regulation is such a central issue, and Judy focuses on it strongly. A broader group of people will optimize both their internal and external regulation thanks to this book’s feast of practical multi-sensory tips and tools. A great contribution to the autism community!”

-Martha R. Herbert, M.D., Ph.D., director, TRANSCEND Research Program,      Massachusetts General Hospital.

“Judy Endow delivers a message related to ASD that is grounded in both accepted practice and common sense. She does not overstate her claims to knowledge, instead offering clear and very practical strategies for the learner to follow. Judy brings to bear a unique style based upon research and her personal experiences as one challenged with ASD. Her learning material combines visual images, imagination, juxtaposing what words along with what does not work, all in a manner that replaces confusion with clarity and confidence for those providing direct care.”
-Paul White, M.A., program manager, Waisman Center, University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD)

“Judy Endow has been a consultant for our school district for the past two and a half years. With her help we have moved from being a school district with a reputation for not knowing how to work with students with autism to being a district that has seen a number of success stories. Due to better regulation, students with autism are spending more of their instructional time in general education classes as a result of Ms. Endow’s consultation and support. Devan is one of those success stories.”
-Ann Laing, director special education, Racine Unified School District

“I will cherish this book! Getting to Go! offers wonderfully candid and useful insight into the perspective of students with classic autism. Judy Endow writes not only from her experience as an autism consultant but also from her own life experiences with autism. This powerful combination is tremendously useful for parents and teachers who often dream of truly understanding the challenges presented by their nonverbal children and students. Judy’s straightforward manner of writing makes this a practical and easy to use resource for everyone. A teacher can pick up this book, understand the information, use the information, and be inspired all at the same time.”
-Kari Dunn Buron, author/autism education specialist, Hamline University

Getting to Go! illustrates the importance of triaging students by employing stabilizing strategies prior to moving in to the FBA phase of intervention. We are thereby able to meet the immediate needs of the student, family, and teachers while developing a comprehensive, long-term plan. The challenges faced by students with autism are numerous; Getting to Go! helps us to develop an understanding of what we can do to level the field and remove barriers we might otherwise not recognize. This is a tremendously valuable resource!”
-Lee Stickle, co-director, Kansas Instruction Support Network