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11-9: Why the Disability Community is Grieving After Community Outrage Seattle Children’s Hospital Pulls Bus Ad April is Over! Assigned Friends Outcome Autism, Accommodation and Differential Expectations Autism, Airports and Lifelong Learning Autism Awareness and Autism Acceptance Autism, Behavior and the Impact of Kindness Autism and Changing Classroom Strategies Autism and a Changing Sensory System … Continue reading Blog List

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You can view books by Judy here. Murdering Autistics is WRONG at Aspects of Autism Translated (May 29, 2020) The Autistic Experience of Wanting a Friend at Aspects of Autism Translated (May 11, 2020) Fluidity in Autistic Thinking in Spectrums Life Magazine: Portland and SW Washington’s Only Magazine for Autism Spectrum Disorder (Spring 2020, pgs … Continue reading Articles By Judy