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Autistic Adults Do Not Look Like Autistic Children

I recently presented to a room full of people on the topic of Autistic People and Literacy. A few days later I again presented to another group of people on another autism related topic. It doesn’t matter the autism topic or whether the group I am presenting to be educators, therapists, or parents of children with autism – I am almost always approached by someone wanting to know how it is that I do not look or act anything like the autistic children they know.

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Autism and the Importance of Stabilization

As an autism consultant I am often asked how I sort out what to do when I see an autistic client who is struggling in school or in life. As an autistic person I know first hand if stabilization needs are not met, regardless of the supports in place an autistic person will struggle. Stabilization consists of three areas that interplay – internal and external regulation in the context of a positive relationship.

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Autism and Sorting Out Sensory Snags

All my life I have been easily overwhelmed by sound and motion. I can hear things nobody else even notices such as the hum of electric devices that are plugged in even when the appliance or device is not in use such as the coffee maker on my kitchen counter. I can hear fluorescent lights hum, the steady grind of ventilation systems in buildings and the crackling from inside my television when it is muted.

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