Is Autism a Disability or a Difference?

French Translation: L’autisme est-il un handicap ou use différence?

So many ideas in the larger autism community often become a debate. As an autistic this black-or-white, choose-your-side sort of thinking is very neurologically friendly to me. I like clear choices. But I also believe we are often unwittingly duped into believing we need to choose a side only because the idea is presented as a dichotomous choice.

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L’autisme est-il un handicap ou une différence?

Originally written in English: Is Autism a Disability or a Difference?

Dans la grande communauté de l’autisme, de nombreuses idées font l’objet de débats polarisés. Comme je suis autiste, ce genre de choix en noir et blanc, où on doit prendre une position bien définie, convient à ma neurologie : je préfère les questions bien tranchées aux zones grises. Mais je crois aussi qu’avec ce genre de question, présentée sous forme de dichotomie, on est induit en erreur et forcé de choisir un camp ou un autre, alors que la vérité est beaucoup plus complexe.

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Autistically Thriving: Reading Comprehension, Conversational Engagement, and Living a Self-Determined Life Based on Autistic Neurology

The title of this blog is the title of my newest book that is now printed and those who have preordered have started receiving their copies. In a matter of days,  all who have ordered should have the book in their hands!

This is the most substantial book I have written to date and it is also the first time I have self published a book. Initially, it was daunting to learn all the details and steps in the process and to hire various people for layout, proofreading and graphic design. Ultimately, I did it!  If you see any mistakes in my book please do let me know so that it can be corrected before future printings. That being said I want to tell you there is already one HUGE mistake. A whole section called Advanced Praise has gone missing.

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